Some Buddhist monks are falling for money, charges JHU - Dhammaloka now planning to betray country

  • 27 Oct 2005 22:44:16 GMT

    Even during Buddha`s time there were corrupt monks, what`s so different now. Is he the first? No amount of money can stop MR victory.

  • 27 Oct 2005 23:00:36 GMT

    POOPSY - has lost his head a lot sooner than i thought :) :)

  • 27 Oct 2005 23:06:33 GMT

    What more can you expect from a bunch of baunrupt HOOTERS facing defeat!!

    Koodos to Ranils campaign management team. Peaking at the CORRECT TIME.

    Stay tuned - more to come :) :)

    Janadipathy Ranilta Jayaweewa!!!!!!

  • 27 Oct 2005 23:33:54 GMT

    Ranil has already won: NLF leader

    By Yohan Perera

    New Left Front Leader Wickramabahu Karunaratne yesterday said UNP Presidential Candidate Ranil Wickremesinghe had already won the presidential election given the severe political crisis UPFA Candidate Mahinda Rajapakse is facing.

    Addressing news conference in Colombo, Mr Karunaratne said the JVP and the JHU had pushed Mr. Rajapakse towards defeat through their racist policies.

  • 28 Oct 2005 00:15:07 GMT

    The political leaders are hooting on the platform,the followers are hooting in this forum.They are under an illusion that they have the sole monopoly of the nation,patriotism,truth, wisdom and are an embodiment of everything good.Those who do not subscribe to their political ideology are vilified as anti national,unpatriotic,liars and evil creatures.Little do they realize that the politicians who are leading them astray are an intolerant,arrogant lot who thrive on human misery and poverty for their political survival.

  • 28 Oct 2005 00:51:28 GMT

    At least one monk has done his reasearch well...

  • 28 Oct 2005 01:19:02 GMT

    This is a tragedy.

    The tragedy is not what Ven. Dammaloka did, but people like him climbing to the top again and again.



  • 28 Oct 2005 03:02:00 GMT

    With the support of Uduwe, Ranil will secure another 100,000 extra votes!!!!!

    Hooh Hooh Hoo!!

    Niyama paata, Mal Hathai Aaaah!

  • 28 Oct 2005 03:36:06 GMT

    (Who thrive on human misery and poverty for their political survival.)

    Couldn`t agree more!

    What astounds me is that people keep on voting for these types of politicians time after time. Only God knows why. And I am an Atheist!

  • 28 Oct 2005 03:53:14 GMT

    This is to all you JVP + Mahinda HOOTERS :

    You better start Parying to the SUN GOAT now because he is the ONLY one who can save Mahinda. Pary that the SUN GOAT does one or both of the following...

    1. Sets off a bomb close to a Mahindas rally and kills a few innoccent by standers (but NOT Mahinda) and this will create a massive sympathy wave for Mahinda - like what happened in 1999 for CBK..

    2. Pray that the SUN GOAT stops all tamils in the North east from going and voting. Already there are few signs that the SUN GOAT might do this.. He might be answering your paryers already.

    Dont give up hope because the SUN GOAT might actually answere your paryers - He also wants to see Mahinda as president. Mahinda will be a God send to him and the SUN GOAT might be a God send to Mahinda and the JVP :) :) How Ironic....