Mahinda camp: No to Ranil overture

  • 26 Oct 2005 19:26:59 GMT

    Mangala must shut his mouth and let the Hon PM do the campaigning. Every time Mangala opens his mouth, it is recorded that a higher number of supporters leave the SLFP.

    What is wrong with joining with the UNP. It is rather better than joining with the J`s double. Because the UNP has a clean record like SLFP. But the JVP`s record is very bad and there are so many original SLFP members are joining the UNP today because of the Hon PM`s pact with the JVP. They think JVP`rs are murderers.

    Anyway the Hon PM will show every body, including the HE President and Hon Anura on 17/11, after winning the election and calling the UNP to build a grand coalition to take the country towards prosperity with Ranil as the able PM.