Even Rohana Wijeweera called for army to be disbanded - UNP

  • 25 Oct 2005 20:10:51 GMT

    The JVP, since the start of their campaign of terror in 1987, and even before that, had hailed the security forces as the heroes who were preventing the separation of the country by waging war against the Tamil terrorists. In 1989, the JVP began to condemn to death not only these very heroes, but also members of their families.

  • 25 Oct 2005 21:23:19 GMT

    In the 70s JVP was for a just solution (5 lectures) to the Tamil people`s grievances and was not a racist party. When JRJ brought in the Indian army in the 80s, JVP turned into a nationalist force in order to gain support among the Sinhala-Buddhists in the Deep South. In the 70s there was a strong connection between the JVP and the Tamil militants (beginnings of the LTTE; LTTE as an entity was still not formed). Many JVPers were hiding among the Tamils. Their agitation to get the Indian army out of the north was covert support for the LTTE as they were seriously weakened by the Indians and other Tamil militants and was in danger of elimination.

    JVP has the southern Sinhalese duped, all their nationalistic play-acting is to grab power in the south and hand over the north to the Tamils. There is a well hidden conspiracy between the JVP and the LTTE to disband the army. Everyone gets what they want, JVP gets the South, and LTTE gets the North.

    JVP works in mysterious ways unbeknown to southern Sinhalese simpletons.

  • 25 Oct 2005 22:06:39 GMT

    Dear all,

    All this rubbish coming from the UNP is to hide their actual actions and plans to hand over the N & E to LTTE terrorists. Herding the security forces to barracks by signing the ceasefire agreement with tigers in 2002, betraying the members of intelligence units of security forces to tigers by revealing the Millennium City safe house are very recent examples.

    Ranil Wickremasinghe has betrayed the security forces before the tiger organization and attempts to reduce its strength so that the tigers can have the upper hand in the affairs in the North and the East. Yesterday, there was a huge protest in Colombo against the Ranil`s proposals to reduce the army camps and hand over N & E to terrorists, fulfilling the need of the tiger organization. He is the one who actually proposing to send the security forces home but not the JVP.

    Ranil has no answers to Mahinda`s election manifesto and therefore, he and his NGO and media henchmen try to draw the people`s attention away from the real and important issues of the election.

  • 26 Oct 2005 00:03:54 GMT

    Who is running here? JVP or MR? Why does UNP have to take a sentence out of context and beat it to death? No one wants to disband the army. Not JVP, not SLFP. Only LTTE may want to disband the army. UNP is supporting that cause. What a bunch of bull?

  • 26 Oct 2005 03:02:06 GMT


    Good for this Former Commander. Hope Ranil won`t DISPOSE him like he did to Lucky Wijeratne.


  • 26 Oct 2005 03:12:29 GMT


    Are you still with your sun goat?? If not, what made you to leave him??


  • 26 Oct 2005 03:50:21 GMT

    Pera: Still dreaming ha my friend???? :) :)

    Isnt Ranils campaign being beautifully executed???? CWC + SLMC and the group on board. Yesterday it was Fizer Mustafa. Today its Colonel Jayavi fernando. Thursday it will be Uduwe Dammaloka who will be followed by sri Sumangala there. Next week it will be a few more SLFPers :) :)....PEAKING AT THE CORRECT TIME....

    So you still think Mahinda has a chance???? :) :)

  • 26 Oct 2005 04:03:17 GMT


    May be not. But I have a better chance...some UNP feelers approched me and offered a big position under Ranil!!

    I will vote for mahinda and if Ranil wins, take his offer as a true Sri Lankan. What do you think????


  • 26 Oct 2005 06:42:28 GMT

    The way Mahinda & Ranil having their campaign, who ever wins has to create more ministries and corporations/ authorities etc to satisfy their new/old supporters.

    Finally the general public, farmers, government servants, forces will be getting cheated because no one will be able to deliver their promises.

    However majority of people in Sri Lanka know this fact and thats why the percentage of voting is always around 60% of total registered vote. Partymen always vote for their candidate and who ever able to attract extra 10% vote from the non-voting people would win the election.

    Hence Solution for rising COL & Peace and/or Sovereignty of the country will play a major role in this election.

  • 26 Oct 2005 08:08:38 GMT

    `Ratata giya kala`

    Let Ranil to do the rest.

    Tamileelam court extends remand for Sri Lanka Policemen

    [TamilNet, October 25, 2005 12:56 GMT]

    Tamileelam courts in Kilinochchi Monday rejected bail offer for three Sri Lanka policemen who are being held in custody for entering LTTE controlled areas without prior permission and ordered further investigations into their activities. The case was heard before Ms Sadhana, District Judge, Monday morning in Kilinochchi, under Act 94 of the Criminal Code of Tamileelam Courts.

    Thamileelam courts in Kilinochchi

    Sri Lankan Policemen

    Inspector of Tamleelam Police, P. Bhavani, told the Courts that the explanations the three Sri Lankan officers gave for entering LTTE controlled areas were not satisfactory and as suspicions still remain, they are continuing investigations.

    The police officer pointed out that initially the defendents refused to reveal their true identity.

    Ms Bhavani pointed out that the arrested officers gave contradicting statements. She quoted reports from the Political Divison of the LTTE mentioning the area in which the suspects were arrested was a crossing point frequently breached by Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

    Officer Bhavani argued that the Officers are from Sri Lankan Justice Department and have full knowledge of the legal implications in tresspassing into LTTE territory. They were arrested while in hiding, Ms Bhavani told the judge.

    Tamileelam Police pointed out that the case was being conducted according to Tamileelam Penal code, Act No.81. The suspects were being detained according to Act 94 which allows detention for 91 days while being investigated and a further 150 days, if necessary.

    The attorney for the defendants, Mr.S.Velavar, pointed out that the Sri Lankan officers were being detained for the last two months and the Tamileeleam Police has not filed formal charges against them. Arguing that mere suspicion was inadequate for continued remand, the attorney pleaded they be released on bail while investigations are proceeding. He quoted the letters submitted by the suspects, pleading for bail and promising appearance in Courts when summoned.

    Ms Sadhana, the District court judge, Kilinochchi, rejected the pleas, ordering further remnd till 14 November 2005 and instructed the Tamileelam Police to continue investigations.