All politicians are taking Tamils for a ride

  • 23 Oct 2005 22:31:51 GMT

    Whereas the Sinhalese politicians are not???

  • 23 Oct 2005 22:54:45 GMT

    What a news. This is such a stale information not worth publisingh. It started long before independance. Even during the Soulbury Constituion it had started. DS, Dudley, Banda, JR, Mrs.Banda, Preme, Chandrika the list is long. If not for such rides LTTE would have never been there and all could have lived peacfully and more importanly SL would have prospered.

  • 23 Oct 2005 23:13:59 GMT

    Everyone is taking everyone for a ride.

    That`s the name of the game.

    So, stop b*tching and enjoy the ride...

  • 24 Oct 2005 00:24:46 GMT

    Oh, Dishonest, say so will you, then we could have kept qiet. You are the Karuna man paid to destroy the Tamil race. You have been employed to say so, then carry on it is your bread and butter. Because you are paid there is no conscience in what you say and your hands are not tied. Is Karuna really alive or cooking for the soldiers in the army camp?

  • 24 Oct 2005 00:39:03 GMT

    Nada , let the Batti man to speak. One LTTE supporter has already threatened to him and said his days are numbers. That is the way of LTTE to kill the people who are not obey to them. One of the latest victims was Jaffna Central principle Kanapathi Rajadurai. If you have gone against to the LTTE in one day there may be no others to speak for you.

  • 24 Oct 2005 01:15:10 GMT

    You are welcome Tobehonest. We are glad to hear the views of a person from Batticalo. It shows that there are intellectuals from Batticaloa although some are trying to label them as service driven people. All the people should be treated as equal with out any discrimination on race, religion, region, gender or whatever. We should have the right to enjoy ourselves without disrespecting others. Keep up your good work. Cheers?

  • 24 Oct 2005 01:50:39 GMT

    Hi Dishonest, this will be my last posting to you until you give me specific reply. If the Tamils are harassed by the LTTE in the east it is all due to fools like karuna and his followers who are ruining the Tamil freedom struggle. In a situation like that where you guys are hiding in the army camps and attacking the LTTE then they too have to reply in a most appropriate manner for their existence. In such a hit and run war this is the only way. Of course no doubt during this process many innocent too will suffer. This is what the government too is trying to say; when they fight the LTTE civilians too will get killed and injured. As long as such acts are not intended on civilians it is understandable. And who is this Karuna, what was he and where was he? He too was a great killer, how many Tamils and Sinhalese he had killed until out of greed and power hunger fell into the hands of the RAW and the Government and sabotaging his very organisation. What alternative he has even for the eastern Tamils? They are more vulnerable than the north. By now they would have been pulverized by the Sinhalese and the Muslims if not for the LTTE` persistent stand. It is traditionally known that east lack `brains` and unless you see the problem in advance and take precautionary measures you will be in serious trouble my dear boy. You think the army that is protecting you now will ever care for you once the LTTE is decimated? The N&E divide that you guys are paid to insticate will be a disaster more for you guys. This is not racialism, regionalism or terrorism but basic survival instinct. With the kind of political system among the Sinhalese, there will never be any salvation to Tamils unless they are prepared to be subdued and live at their charity. I do not know what education or what wisdom you have but without being stubborn learn and digest the reality. I am surely wasting my time but still doing it in good faith. Money or perks should not mask your thinking or conscience. These are the guys who will not hesitate to send their sisters or daughters to the brothel to earn a few bucks.

  • 24 Oct 2005 01:53:55 GMT

    Going back to the original topic...

    yes very true. Ranil is the latest rider!! Tamils are going to vote `en masse` for RANIL. Then wait for the Eelam. Meanwhile Sinhala hardcore guys in the UNP are gaining control.

    Ha ha


  • 24 Oct 2005 02:18:44 GMT

    Hi Dishonest, it is good to note that some of you guys are led by an educated and enlightened Karuna! From your tone I can see the hidden complex and frustration, but still not certain that it is coming out of a Batti Tamil. In that event I will be wasting more of my time trying to explain to a dead wood. I appreciate your education if you have really achieved that but still `proof of the pudding is in the eating`. Hope you know the Tamil saying` Eaddu surakkai kariku uthavathu`. One has to be practical rather than boasting about ones qualifications. Nowadays there are so many shady `universities` churning out qualifications;MSc, PhD and what not. Let you guys come out with an alternative to the Tamils of SL rather than attempting to destroy the whole thing. This is what the monkey told the sparrow. `I cannot build a nest for myself but I can destroy your nest so that both of us will get wet in the rain`.

  • 24 Oct 2005 02:21:35 GMT


    Exactly that is Jaffna Tamils doing in Sri Lanka.

    Hmmm You seems to loose your arguments to Mr Tobehonest MD PhD and blaming Universities????

    My poor NADA. World is changing.