Kadir killing: Vital clue found and lost

  • 15 Oct 2005 21:43:15 GMT

    With the intervention of Nimal Lewke, the CID & the Police no longer the investigators.

    Leaky says crucial fingerprints erased, how, my little pee brain confused.

    The killers escaped to Mannar through Putt-lam.

    The gardener & the mob in custody, as usual the Jami`s Banda`s, they have got the wrong end of the stick.

    The innocents in custody, 12 years assured.

    A thambili seller finds these items.

    Marawila Police invites the media to show off the find.

    The media, they play around with the toys, valuable fingerprints lost, how sad.

    Lucky the lick shat, disappeared many a moon ago, me not aware that the finger prints last this long.

    Now the STF to be renamed, The Strike Detective & Task Force.

    As for Charlie the Gnanakone, he stated that the LTTE will not kill the lick shat. They did not.

    Charlie now a drug addict.

    My reliable source, states that Lucky the lick shat was assassinated by a jealous bhikku transintimacyual prostitute.

    The bhikku transintimacyual prostitute an inmate of the Mahaweva temple.

    The one who donated his kidney, to keep Lucky the lick shat alive.

    CID, a lost & spent force.

  • 15 Oct 2005 22:56:23 GMT

    They will never find any evidence to link LTTE to Kadir`s murder.

    All these vital clues found since the killing have turned out to be false and misleading.

    These CID fellows are talking a load of bunkum and balderdash as usual.

    Pathetic. Really pathetic these police and CID fellows.

  • 15 Oct 2005 23:55:32 GMT


    How about those telephone calls tapped by the WEST?

  • 16 Oct 2005 00:15:46 GMT


    What telephone calls? They are an invention by the SL security services.

    The CID do not have a shred of evidence against the LTTE. They are clutching at straws, my friend.

    The SL security services will go to any lengths to implicate the LTTE in this case to get them banned in the west.

    Wait and see, the GOSL and the military will end up with egg on their faces.

  • 16 Oct 2005 00:17:24 GMT

    AnuD: This is a new one for my little pee brain.

    Tell me more, I am interested. curious, dying.

    As the oldie goes: Give us another one, just like the other one, give us another one too.

    I am waiting, the suspense is making me come & come.

    I am beginning to be a Yak Jo shat Jack Ass.

    Help me AnuD, save me.

  • 16 Oct 2005 01:32:02 GMT

    Piranha: you just talk.

  • 16 Oct 2005 01:40:28 GMT

    Hey AnuD, are you ignoring me.

    Have I done something wrong ?????????????????????.

  • 16 Oct 2005 02:01:32 GMT

    By the way Anud, as to the clue found inside Lucky the lick shat Kadirgamar`s amude, what is the outcome.

    Did it turn out to be a ` dead`o of a dick`jo `.

    Another false alarm, a waste of time.

    The same story over & over again, as usual.

  • 16 Oct 2005 05:44:44 GMT

    Vital clue found and lost, that`s the ongoing affair`s with our investigates another set of fools a byproduct of the the bigger fools in Sri Lanka. How come our people elect fools at elections?

  • 17 Oct 2005 08:04:27 GMT

    Ahh mal(space)ship is back again ...shat yo jack ho..wat the fuk r you talking about?? and you dare denegrate the good name of budhist priests??? you kovili going prbaha ass kissing misfit..go back to you tamil nadu