Anura on Mahinda`s polls platform?

  • 8 Oct 2005 19:35:10 GMT

    Make sure he won`t ruin Mahinda as he did to Kobbekaduwa.

  • 8 Oct 2005 20:24:18 GMT

    Keep Anura out of MR campaign

    Do not trust Anura

  • 8 Oct 2005 20:25:26 GMT

    The Presidential candidates should be talking about a new culture and not about personalties, how about making a change for a brighter Sri Lanka where the voter will be empowered all the way!

    ELECTORAL RECALL empowers the process by which voters may petition to remove an elected official from his or her position. Recall has bean adopted in USA and in British Columbia, it grants it`s voters the power to remove a MP. A recall vote would require a majority to unseat an MP. Recall is not about political conduct. It is not about political parties; it should be considered a NON-PARTISAN motion.

    With all the laws we have in our country what is the assurance that corruption or conflict of interest will not occur? Are there barriers to judicial role? Do we pass laws that never come to force and the public has no access to? This Mr. Presidential hopefuls should be your agenda say what you are about to do for the people, Not what the people could do for you! Mr. Hopefuls you should be part of the solution and spell out an economic agenda that will take Sri Lanka to a dynamic future and create equal opportunity to all folks of Sri Lanka.

  • 8 Oct 2005 21:31:44 GMT

    11 yrs ago I remember this fatso shouting profanity about his own sister on a UNP platform, describing her genitals to the public. No one should be shocked if he does the same to Mahinda or Ranil this time. I am disturbed that SLFP would risk such an incident. Expect for the idiots in Gampaha who vote for this moron, his credibility and reputation is limited outside Gampaha.

  • 8 Oct 2005 21:35:59 GMT

    Malship: Get your head and vital parts examined by Dr. Kevorkian.

  • 8 Oct 2005 21:43:56 GMT

    Ravi_r, inside my head, it is bland, all muck.

    As for my vitals, Viagra & Cialis, a no go.

    Awaiting to becoming, the first recipient of the vitals transplant.

    Unlike you, I am unable to sit on my head & scratch my back till the cows come home.

    This is the god given right, for the Yak Jo jack asses.

    These Yak Jo`s, I envy them.

  • 8 Oct 2005 22:00:37 GMT

    Anura B (Patti Gona) should not be in politics, but they can talk about him until the election is over.

    SL politics should go along a new direction and not this way.

  • 8 Oct 2005 22:19:42 GMT

    Friends! Pl try to avoid character assasination, because none has ever tested DNA to ascertain the correct breed of a person.Only mentally ill people can talk of such illicit talks.

    If any says about your child- A`s child as B`s, would any one like it????

    Let this forum be with people of good moral.

  • 8 Oct 2005 22:31:05 GMT

    Jay-r, the DNA specialist, defender of Annora de Alwis.

    A true sitting on the head Yak Jo jack ass, selective & sensitive.

    Can throw stones at the Tamils, but cannot catch one when queried about the legalities on the birth of his own Yak Jo clan.

    The rich & the powerful have many defenders, as for the downtrodden, who gives a damn about them.

    Jay -r, the imitation JR, as hypocritical as his hero / name-sake.

  • 9 Oct 2005 00:08:29 GMT

    Hey Anura, do you think only you, and Bandas are fit for the PM` post. I do not think if Mahinda becomes the President he will be foolish enough to appoint you as PM. Good luck