We granted redress to the people of the estate sector and the east : Mahinda

  • 8 Oct 2005 16:30:01 GMT

    Mr.Mahinda please do not try to UNDRESS THE ESTATE TAMIL to show the naked truth.

    We know what you opportunitists have done to the Estate Tamils.

    It is the determination and perseverance of the Estate Tamils that has elevated their living standards from the servitude.

    And what the F..k have you done to the Muslims in the East.

    You have a bast...d Muslim Minister called Fowzie denying that Muslims have NO PROBLEMS at all.

    Muslims are Awakened.

    Estate Tamils Awakened long time age.

    Chameleon character of you and your party is not acceptable in our dignified quarters.

    Just bugger off.