The battle of kingmakers

  • 7 Oct 2005 06:42:29 GMT

    VP stands for Verifiable Prick?

    Hehhe... he`s former stereo smuggler who now lives in a cave.

  • 7 Oct 2005 13:53:02 GMT

    You are correct. After election king makers be the majority of voters. Majority sinhala voters be the minority.King makers are ruling the country.

  • 7 Oct 2005 18:00:03 GMT

    Kanda... suri.. duni... obey... pihita...laebewwa..

    mage ratta sauwsiri....

    Maal.. maruga ..enil ..vel muruga neeye... aaval udan unnai thaedi vanthaeney....

    Muruga vadivaelaa....Varuvaai...Arul Kumara....


  • 7 Oct 2005 20:44:29 GMT


    Could you please cultivate a better way of getting your point of view across.If you consider all those who vote for Ranil animals, you are in for a surprise-there will be more animals at the polling booth on election day.May be you should change your name to end with `Tarzan` than thasan as you seem to live in an animal kingdom.

  • 8 Oct 2005 05:44:31 GMT

    Hey what about Mahinda setting up a bomb for himself to the effect of the 1999 attmept on Chandrika just weeks before the elction and pile up all the ignorant sympathy votes?

    You never know how low this gentleman from Hanbanthota would swoop to be the king.

  • 8 Oct 2005 08:46:26 GMT

    There is no such thing called king makers, the only king maker is the voting public and if they vote in full strength the so called king maker will also be driven to the political wilderness.

  • 8 Oct 2005 16:37:29 GMT

    This cheap guy will resort to any adventure in the final hour to earn the sympathy of the public.

    I do not deny that he is NOT from the Dynasty.He is middle class. Yes accepted. But he should qualify himself to earn the respect of everyone. He has failed in this pursuit.

    Symathy is for one who can do something for everyone, every citizen and willing to be the President of all citizens NOT the President of Singhalese only.


  • 8 Oct 2005 19:26:51 GMT

    Hakeem can say that he never bets on the wrong the last General Elections he bet on the wrong Horse.Now again he has done it,and the next day he announced his Personal decision to support UNP he bet on the wrong Female Horse a Filly who commited suicide. SHAME ON YOU HAKEEM

  • 8 Oct 2005 19:38:23 GMT

    Hammed a anti Hakeem.

    The Ramadan fast made him realize that he is a member of an international forum. Only 14 posts since April 2005.

    While feasting, just before the fasting it is an all out attack on Hakeem, the Carnival Ice Cream, for Hammed is a reminder of the cesspit.

    Poor Hakeem, he is yearning for his Kiri pani.

    The Kiri pani now lies on a concrete slab in the mortuary.

    Making love to a corpse, the only way out.

  • 9 Oct 2005 04:04:45 GMT

    Ranil ta Jayawewa