Entry to leading schools for the best 1,000 - UNP

  • 6 Oct 2005 00:05:56 GMT

    Now you remember school children, ranil... most popular schools in sri lanka does not have enough space to put 1000 more students... why not develop all the schools to same level???

    no other country has this best school system for high schools or lower... why not make all schools similar...stupid ranil is damn and don`t even know what to do...

    problem in the country is to facilitate students after A/L`s... that`s what mahinda`s plan is... and he will win!

  • 6 Oct 2005 00:11:37 GMT

    This Bandula Gune. is one of those who were responsible for the UNP Govt 2002-04 downfall, he is only a tutionmaster who does not understand the realities, for UNPs bad luck this guy crossed over and had to be given a portfolio of M/Rural econ. Development, since Choksy did not understand Macro-Financial Management, he took a leading role in Govt.Econ planning,Budget etc.,etc.,Without proposing to tax the Multi Millionaires, and even granting them illegal tax concessions, he is the one who proposed to tax the poor Corporation/Private sector retired employees Rs24000/ per Annum interest (Rs.2000/ per month)received from the Gratuties/Retirement benefits etc.which were kept on F/D in Banks & Financial Institutions by these Middle cl. and lower middle cl. ordinary people. I remember people used to hate this man, the moment he appears on TV UNP lost more voters & sympathisers, Its a fact that the people who crossed over to UNP e,g Ravi K., Mahinda W., G.L.Pieris, S.B Diss, Bandula G. ruined this great party.

  • 6 Oct 2005 00:35:45 GMT

    Dear Ranil, Nayakathuma,

    For your information, sir.There is an exam called year 5 scholarship exam, which has been long established to serve the purpose of giving opportunity for rural students to get into popular schools.In addition, students from low income earning families are entitled to a small amount of money if they pass the exam on merit.

    This exam was conducted by the department of examination of Sri Lanka. Presumably the exam is held in all parts of the country, including Vanni.

    Usually parents with children (not like you) know about this exam (ask Piraba`s wife Madhawee, she knows) and keen on preparing their children to perform well. Of course there are tuition classes for this exam too.Recently, the dates and the content of the exam is changed. In our times it was Sinhala and Mathematics.

    For more information ask one of your advisers to give a call to departmanet of examinations.


    royal99`s argument is absolutely correct.

  • 6 Oct 2005 01:51:45 GMT

    Next step..

    University entrance to the best students???


  • 6 Oct 2005 02:02:32 GMT

    And Bandula G is going to learn English from Church of Goat, Australlia too...

  • 6 Oct 2005 03:32:31 GMT


    Free education by UNP not JVP not SLFP

    Free Books BY UNP not JVP not SLFP

    Free Uniform by UNP not JVP not SLFP

    Free Food for school childran by UNP not JVP not SLFP

    JVP only did problems in schoola and Uninvesities

    PA stops the foods for school students in last 11 years

    Good luck Ranil

  • 6 Oct 2005 04:01:30 GMT

    Yes...everything related to education is Sri Lanka was done by UNP.

    Pity that none of the UNPens were not educated though.....


  • 6 Oct 2005 04:04:00 GMT

    Next step close down all the schools in rural area.

    These bunch of political idiots have no vision for the improvement of school education. They always believe in maintaining the leading schools.

    Open more private schools and close all government schools in the village thats you call regaining Sri Lanka the bible of UNP.

  • 6 Oct 2005 04:22:23 GMT

    Geez1 MCGA.

    No thank you.

    Whe I see some sh** on the road, I make a point to not to step on that. Please go back to your Wanathamulla abode in Australia and count the pennies you earned today.


  • 6 Oct 2005 04:48:47 GMT

    Why Ranil speaks about giving opportunities for 1000 students to enter to leading schools when a system is already there to address that.

    I really wonder whether he is going to abolish the Year 5 Scholarship scheme (which, currently opens the doors to few thousands of students to leading schools) and replace it with a lesser scheme with only 1000 students.