EPDP to intensify Mahinda`s campaign in North and East

  • 2 Oct 2005 19:49:01 GMT

    Devananda, the oldest enemy to the Tamil cause..

    Counting his days!

    Mahinda the new hope of the Sinhalese..

    Can he save the day?

  • 2 Oct 2005 20:35:34 GMT

    WWW.savedevananda.com, now to be enjoyed by the folks living in the east & the north.

    Donations welcome.

    Will the good old doughier buriya the second, have the guts to accompany Mahinda in his bullet proof capsule.

    No way, the comforts of being pampered & sheltered in Colombo, cannot be traded.

    The thought of meeting a Tiger, makes him come in his pants.

    Support through the Radio, no problems, beamed courtesy of the SLBC.

    Posters, how on earth is this going to be distributed.

    Devananda, the leader of the Tamil people, hiding in Colombo.

    The Tamil people, living in the East & the North, hundreds of miles away from Colombo, never get to see their leader in person.

    Mahinda, a sure winner in the east & the north, thanks to Douglas Devananda.

  • 2 Oct 2005 22:06:40 GMT

    Megalomaniac idealogy of LTTE will not like this.

    Only way they, LTTE, die just by hitting the wall because of the mistakes they make. They do not accept their behaviour as wrong.

  • 3 Oct 2005 03:15:22 GMT

    Pretty interesting combination ?SLFP + JVP + JHU + EPDP

    + National Congress ( Athaulla)

    This is what SL needed, lets work together...!!!

  • 3 Oct 2005 03:30:23 GMT

    EPDP, what a potent force.

    Even Bin Laden, comes in his pants at the mention of the 3 words, EPDP & Douglas Devananda.

    Georgy Porgy`s, potential Saviour in Iraq.

    Johny Howard`s assistance to Indonesia.

    Why does not Dougie, get the Indian`s satellite to beam into Velu Prabha`s trunks.

    Then the entire NE vote will be for Mahinda.

    Dougie the dude, always in his underground bunker in Colombo.5.

    Never gets to see daylight.

    The tonic of the NE.

  • 3 Oct 2005 04:43:42 GMT

    Mahinda would have credited some of the Tsunami aid he looted to Douglas` account. The bugger is singing to his pay master.It may be music to the ears of sinhala extremists.But tamils are not fools to listen to this traitor.Douglas eleminated most of his party members after the CFA was signed and put the blame on the tigers! Cunning crook!

  • 3 Oct 2005 06:06:18 GMT


    {{Devananda, the oldest enemy to the Tamil cause..}}


    `Oldest enemy to the LTTE cause` (Not TAMIL) :-)


  • 3 Oct 2005 06:11:34 GMT

    Well said Devananda...

    our at least now should stop pleasing the big butcher and his barbarian supporters...and should focus on the real problem and should jointly find the solutions...

    i think already Mahinda R has secured his victory...i doubt that P.ranil would give his/her or neither`s nominations...i mean even when the victory for the Mahinda R is so sure...


  • 3 Oct 2005 06:23:18 GMT

    AkashAgni(pretty scary name ha...),

    you are correct buddy...in the east karuna and his supporters will be a huge advantage for Mahinda R`s campaign...P.ranil has no say at all...


  • 3 Oct 2005 10:16:44 GMT

    Lol..who`s the vanni butcher why does he want to disrupt the polls ?