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3 thoughts on “Their bonds and our bonds

  • August 6, 2017 at 10:45 am

    They mean serious business indeed!

  • September 23, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    In 12th Century when foreigner rewrote Mahavansaya by leaving behind great history of the Island with previously written Mahavansaya books, Buddhagosha has purposely hidden Island history with all 29 Lord Buddha eras and it was led to complicate not only Island of Sinhale history but also nearby country, in their history they clearly say this kings are only in Buddhism books, and no records in their history records, because all were Sinhale Kings not in their country. As per the 1st chapter in rewritten Mahavansaya by Foreigner, Buddhagosha, Island of Sinhale was called Ojadeepa when Lord buddha Kakusada era, and also it was called Varadeepa in Konagama Lord Buddha’s era, not only that this Island was called Maddadeepa in Kashshapa Lord Buddha’ era, but he purposely avoided to mention how it was called in Gothama Lord Buddha’s era. The Island was called Jammadeepa in Gothama Lord Buddha’s Era. Even after Island was sunk with seventh eighth of the Island with around 14 palaces, a large number of well-developed cities and 100,000 streets ( Poojavaliya) still one “ STAR GATE ” is in live in the island and it is at Ranmasu Uyana, Anuradhapura, SriLanka. Sirisagabo Bodisathva was also born in SriLanka, he was the prince who was devoted to become a Lord Buddha in one of his future births by ending his rebirths. As he was born in a kingdom as a prince he became a king when the time came, but as he was devoted to become a Lord Buddha in future birth; he gave up his throne and went to the forest for meditation, according to known history as his brother has given a price to bring his head to palace thinking he will be return to take his throne again, Sirisagabo Bodisathva has given his head to the man who reached to him to cut his head by separating his head through mind power with the promise of his head will speak at throne room to prove this head is belong to Sirisagabo Bodisathva to get the price to the man from new King. As per the known history his head has spoken at throne room as he promised to the man. Bodisasathva can be born only in the land of Lord Buddha, not only that simply original Srimahabodiya also live in SriLanka, and also as per the Legend due on present in SriLanka, Prince Diyasena will be born to take the throne in the Island and hidden door of the Ruwanvalisaya Dagaba is naturally opened to the prince Diyasena to take the treasure which were deposited in ancient era and he will turn the country back to the Great era just like before Island was sunk by strong sea waves by losing seventh eighth of the land, and just like the kingdom with Great Emperors in ancient time with superpower, not only that,the Legend says during prince Diyasena era, Buddhism awake in the country just like the era when Lord Buddha was Live,

    There was a conflict between Abayagiri Vihara monks & Maha vihara monks during the period of King Prakkamabahu 1, and this era(12th century CE), pure Theravada Buddhism was in threat,and Abayagiri Vihara was struggling to protect the pure Theravada Buddhism and the Great history of the island which was bound with Buddhism more than 20 thousand year’s history which was led to 29 Load Buddha’s eras including Lord Buddha, Kakusada , Lord Buddha Konagama, Lord Buddha Kashshapa and Lord Buddha Gothama and finally as Abayagiri Vihara monks made a genuine effort to protect the Island even forcing to king Prakkamabahu 1 to give up his throne to protect the pure Theravada Buddhism in the Island from the King, who was no interest to hold his due responsibility to protect the Theravada Buddhism through his crown; they were defeated by the Kind together with monks in Maha vihara who influence foreign involvements to decline the pure Theravada Buddhism in the kingdom Not only that as per the known history, the history books which were stored in Abayagiri vihara library about Great history of the Island with more than 20 thousand year’s history ware burned after Abayagiri Vihara was defeated by the King and the Monks in Maha vihara, as per the known history the books were on the floor up to the height of seven elephants if they were on, one another when books ware caught fire.
    By leaving behind many number of books in original Mahavansaya which were written in the past history by covering all 29th Lord Buddha’s eras and the Great emperors in the great Island including King Maha Sammatha, King Ravana and many more Great emperors’ eras, Mahavansaya was rewritten by the foreigner,Buddhaghosa; in 12th century CE
    This new rewritten Mahavansaya was not even completed and the author, foreigner in nearby country says in the rewritten book, he was compelled to give up the effort that he has taken to rewrite the history of the Island with the protest which was arisen among the locals in the Kingdom, not only that he started his book by saying there are many books of Mahavansaya which ware already written in the past history by locals about the history of the island, however due to there are many errors in the written history, he rewrites the history of the Island by making short its long stories and dragging short stories to long stories.
    Here there is a BIG question? how foreigner cut long stories to short stories in foreign country history ? How he says there were many errors in the written history of the Island which was led to more than 20 thousand year’s history by covering all 29 Lord Buddha’s eras.
    Not only that, there are many discrepancies in the rewritten Mahavansaya by adding many false information in to the history by foreigner by making effort purposely to keep away the nation from the owned great history in the Island in the future. But as Island is desire to boost, there are two Legends are due on present, and the existing generation is now questioning the history what has written by the foreigner which is far away to the reality and seek all sources that can be reached to know the real hidden history in the Island such as stone inscriptions, ancient written in palm tree leaves, ancient books and etc. but also as per the 02 Legends in the Island the Great era is ahead and no one can keep the nation in blind in the future by hiding its owned Great history in the universe.

  • October 14, 2017 at 12:48 am

    mr brown what happend old site… no more fun and i cant even log in with my original handle 🙁